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Our Mission


We believe health comes first and wellness is more than the absence of disease.

Our team of qualified & experienced practitioners will take a personalised approach to your health offering a wide range of specialisations including gut health, food intolerances, pregnancy, sports nutrition, weight management and more.

Yours in Good Health,

Teresa Cutter
Director & Co-Founder
The Healthy Chef

How it Works

6 Easy steps to better health

  1. Choose your Practitioner.
  2. Use the online booking calendar to select the day and time convenient for you.
  3. Bookings are secured on payment and you will get a notification via email to confirm your booking.
  4. Your Practitioner will contact you via video call or phone at your appointment time.
  5. Your Practitioner can share with you any notes, recipes, resources and dietary plans in your profile so you can refer to it after your session.
  6. Follow up consultations are recommended for optimum results and can be booked in 45-minute blocks.

Take control of a healthier, happier you

Take control of your health and discover a happier, healthier you!

You can now talk to one of our natural health Practitioners online and get personalised and comprehensive advice wherever you are.

The Healthy Chef eClinic offers:

  • The very best Practitioners in the country including naturopaths, nutritionists, dietitians and herbalists to support your health + wellbeing.
  • Personalised programs designed for your specific needs.
  • Nutritional support + lifestyle guidance.

Healthy Chef eClinic Practitioners use an integrative approach encompassing health science, the latest studies in nutritional medicine and a range of holistic therapies.

The Healthy Chef eClinic consultations are the same as a traditional consultation, with full comprehensive assessments, personalised treatment plans, and detailed health + lifestyle advice.

Our team of qualified & experienced Practitioners will take a personalised approach to your health with a wide range of specialisations including gut health, food intolerances, pregnancy, sports nutrition, weight management and more. Click here to view our full list.

To help you start your journey to good health and to achieve your wellbeing goals connect with a Healthy Chef eClinic Practitioner TODAY and discover a sustainable path to better health.

Start your journey + achieve your wellbeing goals

Our team of qualified & experienced Practitioners take a holistic and personalised approach to your health and offer a wide range of specialties from weight management to gut health, food intolerances, pregnancy and sports nutrition.

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Online Clinic Fees

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Initial consultation60-75 minutes Follow-up consultations45 minutes
$170 $105


Please note that your online consultations at Healthy Chef eClinic are not covered by Australian private health funds. Some of the cost of seeing a dietitian might be covered, but please check with your health insurance company first.


Changes may be made to your scheduled appointment up to 24 hours prior. Missed or cancelled appointments less than 24 hours in advance are non-refundable.


All client information is private and confidential. Only your Healthy Chef eClinic Practitioner will have access to your client records.


Health and nutritional information provided by us is for information purposes only and is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice. If you have any concerns about your health, always consult your general practitioner. To the extent permitted by law, eHealth & Wellbeing Pty Ltd and The Healthy Chef Pty Ltd (including their officers, employees, and agents) disclaim any liability to any person arising out of any information provided on our website and by our natural health practitioners. For full T&Cs, please see here.


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